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Equipment Xchange LLC
Equipment Xchange LLC

Used Westfalia Model CSA 8-47-476 automatic desludger disc type centrifuge. 
Item 11696-001  
Equipment Xchange LLC buys and sells surplus processing equipment. 

We are always looking for equipment to purchase for our stock.  
In addition we consign equipment as well as broker equipment.  
Contact Equipment Xchange LLC with a list of your surplus today.
Scott Tarzy   starzy@exllc.com  or fax to 609-561-0510
Refurbished & Unused Since Bird model 2500 horizontal decanter centrifuge. 18" diameter X 54" long bowl. 10 degree. Left hand rotation
Item 12143-001
Used Bird centrifuge model 0150. 7" X 21" bowl. T316L Stainless steel contacts.
Item 12107-001
Used Cogiem Filtrodry-FPP agitated pressure filter dryer. Model FPP/SD 030. Hastelloy C22 product contact. 
Item 12083-001  . 
Used Alfa Laval NX-418 Stainless Steel Horizontal Solid Bowl Centrifuge.  Maximum 4000 RPM. 
Item 12168-001
Used Westfalia Centrifuge Model WSC 25 01 506. 1.4 solids. 1.0 heavy liquids. 3-way separator design. Stainless steel cover. 15 hp 3 motor. Built 1999. Item 12118-006   
Used Westfalia centrifuge model SA1.  Bowl speed 10,000 RPM Rated SpG 1.1.has a 1 1/2 hp with a direct coupled Vari speed drive. 
Item 12156-001 
Used 48" Sweco screener. Stainless steel contacts. Single deck. Cover. 2.5 hp motor.
Item 12207-001  
Used 2000 Walker stainless steel jacketed mix tank.  Model CWBT. Insulated and sheathed. Dome top. Inverted dome bottom.  
Item 12118-039    
Used Stokes model 338-F15 stainless steel vacuum shelf dryer. 90 Square Foot Surface Area. All contacts stainless steel including chamber, door and shelves. 
Item 11500-019    
Used NIRO SOAVI homogenizer model NS2006H. Rated 80 l/h @ 1,000 bar / 14,500 psi. Stainless steel contacts. 
Item: 11696-003  



Used Pfaudler High Vacuum Wiped Film Evaporator .8 square meter surface area with internal condenser. 
Item 12450-011
Used Sharples Model P3400 horizontal decanter type centrifuge. Approx 14" Dia X 48" Long Bowl. T316 Stainless steel. With 125:1 gearbox and motor.
Item 12218-001  
Used approximately 670 gallon vertical stainless steel mix tank. Dished head. Top entering Lightning drive with agitator. Top manway. Center bottom outlet. 4 legs.
Item 12453-007 
5 In Stock

Used Pfaudler 100 gallon stainless steel clamped top reactor. Rated 60/FV @ 350 degrees F Internal and 90 psi @ 350 degrees F Jacket. 3 DTW drive agitator and baffle. 
Item 12238-004
Used Patterson Kelley Twin shell blender, 10 cuft capacity. Stainlesss steel contacts. Includes stainless steel stand, covers and drive. 2 HP 3 phase 60 cycle 220/440 volt. 
Item 12233-001  
Used approximately 20 cubic foot stainless steel double ribbon blender. Approximately 26" wide X 65" long X 29" deep. Double ribbon. Center bottom discharge with valve. 3 phase 60 cycle 208-220/440 volt 1610 rpm motor with drive. 4 Legs. Built by Day.
Item 12444-001  
Used approximately 500 gallon vertical stainless steel jacketed reactor. Rated FV @ 600 degrees F internal. 80 psi @ 600 degrees F half pipe coil jacket. Dished head. Top entering agitator. Top manway. Center bottom outlet. Half pipe coil jacket on partical sidewall. Lug mounted. Built by Nolte. NB stamp 2022. Built 1980.  
Item 12453-008  2 In Stock​..
Used 500 liter / 125 gallon T316L stainless steel reactor. Internal rated 45 psi /FV @ 392 degrees F. T304L stainless steel Jacket rated 160 psi @ 392 degrees F. SN 1416-15. Built 1996. NB stamped. With 1/2 hp 3 phase 60 cycle 230/460 volt 1725 rpm motor drive and agitator. Built by Precision Stainless.  
Item 12454-001​
Used 18" X 18" Sperry filter press, approximately .3 cubic foot cake capacity. CGR-W poly pro filter pack with 18 plates. 4 eye. center feed. closed delivery. Plate thickness approximately 2.25". Approximately 32 mm cake thickness 100 psi hand hydraulic closure. Dump cart.
Item 12452-001​
UNUSED approximately 50 gallon/200 liter Solinox PFA Coated - stainless steel reactor. Internal rated 60 psi @ 300 degrees F. Jacket rated 100 psi @ 300 degrees F. Flat bolted top. Dished bottom. 3 hp motor 3 phase 60 cycle 575 volt 1750 rpm motor with drive and two tier four blade pitched turbine blade agitation. Built 2006. SN J-12006-RS-102-01. CRN D07317.6. U Stamp. Reactor # RS-102-01.
Item 12459-001​
UNUSED approximately 105 gallon/400 liter Solinox PFA Coated - stainless steel reactor. Internal rated 60 psi @ 300 degrees F. Jacket rated 100 psi @ 300 degrees F. Flat bolted top. Dished bottom. 3 hp motor 3 phase 60 cycle 575 volt 1750 rpm motor with drive and two tier four blade pitched turbine blade agitation. Built 2006. SN J-12006-RS-103-01. CRN D07318.6. U Stamp. Reactor # RS-103-01.
Item 12459-003​
UNUSED approximately 28 square foot shell and tube vertical exchanger. Tubes hastelloy C22. Shell stainless steel. Tube side rated 150 psi / Full vacuum @ 300 degrees F. Shell side rated 150 psi @ 300 degrees F. Capacity tubes 120 kg/hr 41 C - in and 24 C out. Shell 168 MM X 1524 MM. 
CRN: OHO2918.6. Built 2006. U Stamp NB Stamp 630. SN 1844.1. HX-102-02. Built by CMS
Item 12459-004​
Used approximately 5000 gallon T316L stainless steel lined Trinity Reactor. Internal rated 600 psi @ 350 degrees F. Jacket rated 120 psi @ 350 degrees F.  75 Hp Lightning Model 87-S-75 drive - 84 rpm output with shaft and blades. NB 389. 
Built 1995. 
Item 12199-001
Used Dispermat Model SL-M5 horizontal bead mill. 50/60 HZ. 230 Volt. Amp 10. SN 04219097. Built 1997.
Item 12466-001 
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Used Sharples model P-660 decanter centrifuge. T316 stainless steel wetted parts. 6000 RPM bowl speed. has approximately 5 hp main drive and 2.5 hp backdrive. 95:1 Gear Box.
Item 12169-001
Unused Scott Tender Blender Model 1060 - 10" wide X 60" long. This unit has 1.36 cu. ft. rated mixing capacity at 50% of the total agitator displacement of 2.73 cu. ft. Endplates are 1/4" thick and the trough is 1/4" thick. All welded construction with T316 stainless steel contact. Exterior of mixer is glass bead finish. T304 dimple jacket for cooling on trough. Interior welds of mixer are continuous and standard mill finish. Agitator is solid shaft with adjustable paddles. Cover section is hinged. Inlet 6" X 8" flanged. Shaft seasl are air purge packed gland seals. 2 Hp TEFC motor with gearbox and variable speed frequency drive, 3 phase 460 volt.  
Item 12234-001
Used 24" Kason stainless steel screener. Model K24-4-SS. 4 Deck. Deck 4/3/2/1 Standard 4" deep with 6" spout. Discharge deck 6" deep. Anti-binding Kleen Screen ring assembly included. Type 304 stainless steel contacts. Includes clamps and dust cover. Motor 1/3 hp 230/460 volt 3 phase motor 60 cycle motor TENV. Built 2002. Drawings and Instruction Manual included.
Item 12490-001
Used Mueller Model F 10,000 gallon T316L stainless steel reactor. Rated ASME 50 psi/FV internal @ 400 Deg F and 100 PSI @ 400 Deg F dimple steam jacket. Vessel is 132" ID X 144" straight side. 2:1 Elliptical heads. 24" manhole, 16" center agitator nozzle with various top nozzles. Has 6" flange pad studding bottom outlet. Lug mounts. 
Item 12495-001