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Equipment Xchange LLC
Equipment Xchange LLC

Used Westfalia Model CSA 8-47-476 automatic desludger disc type centrifuge. 
Item 11696-001  
Equipment Xchange LLC buys and sells surplus processing equipment. 

We are always looking for equipment to purchase for our stock.  
In addition we consign equipment as well as broker equipment.  
Contact Equipment Xchange LLC with a list of your surplus today.
Scott Tarzy  or fax to 609-561-0510
Refurbished & Unused Since Bird model 2500 horizontal decanter centrifuge. 18" diameter X 54" long bowl. 10 degree. Left hand rotation. 2 phase separation. All product contacts T316L stainless steel. Operating speed 3125 rpm. Design speed 3500 rpm. 75 Hp motor and gearbox model PA69H. Item 12143-001
Used 62 Cu Ft Sanitary Stainless Steel Paul Abbe double ribbon blender.
Item 12183-001
Used Bird centrifuge model 0150. 7" X 21" bowl. T316L Stainless steel contacts. Tungesten carbide hard surfacing. Includes base, motor and cyclo gearbox.
Item 12107-001

Equipment Xchange LLC
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Used Cogiem Filtrodry-FPP agitated pressure filter dryer. Model FPP/SD 030. Hastelloy C22 product contact. 
Item 12083-001   
Used Ahydro Model S1 spray dryer. Stainless steel contacts. Electrically heated. 39" diameter. Includes Fountain style nozzle feed. (Also has parts to make up centrifugal atomizer feed). Controls. Cyclone. Some piping. Mounted on castors.
Item 12066-001  1 IN STOCK
Used Walker 3100 gallon T304 stainless steel sanitary processors.
Item 12118-069
2 IN STOCK  Ready To Ship
Used Westfalia Centrifuge Model WSC 25 01 506. 1.4 solids. 1.0 heavy liquids. 3-way separator design. Stainless steel cover. 15 hp 3 phase 60 cycle 460 volt 1765 rpm motor. Built 1999. SN 9003-208. 7480 rpm with XP control panel.
Item 12118-006   
Used APV Anhydro fluid bed agglomerator. With 12 in. wide x 9' long perforated pan bed. Dual 2 KW 220/3008 volt 2900 rpm vibro motors. top feed 18'' diameter at one end, 9'' dia bottom discharge at opposite end. 
Item 12144-001
Used B Braun Model ES10 Biostat fermenter. Capacity 15 liters. 75 kw motor, underdrive agitator. Built new 1990. Serial number 469. Biostat ED Controller. Item 11722-003   
Used 18 cubic foot Ross model 42B-018 stainless steel sanitary double ribbon blender. 24" wide X 60" long. Dual hinged cover. Interupted ribbons. Center bottom outlet with valve. 5.5 kw motor.
Item 12186-001
Used 2000 Walker stainless steel jacketed mix tank.  Model CWBT. Insulated and sheathed. Dome top. Inverted dome bottom.  
Item 12118-039    
Used approximately 1250 gallon vertical stainless steel jacketed mix kettle.  Dished top and inverted dished bottom. Off center drive agitator .  Spray ball.
Item 12118-008
Used Stokes model 338-F15 stainless steel vacuum shelf dryer. 90 Square Foot Surface Area. All contacts stainless steel including chamber, door and shelves. 
Item 11500-019    
Used Pfaudler wiped film evaporator system. Includes 4.2 sqft evaporator. Pfaudler SN R586-3037. 
Item 11480-003    
Used approximately 203 sqft shell and tube head exchanger. (172) 3/4" T316 stainless steel straight tubes rated 150 psi @ 300 degrees F. T316 Stainless steel Shell 150 psi @ 300 degrees F. 
Item 12118-147  
Used stainless steel baghouse. Griffin Industries Model JV-16-4X. 16 Bag housings 4" diameter each. 24" X 24" X 68" long. Mounted on legs. 1 hp 3 phase 60 cycle 208 230 460 volt 3450 rpm motor.
Item 11670-005   
Used Fuji Denko twin screw radial xtruder. Model EXDCS 100 Heavy Duty Twin Screw Radial Extruder. 4" diameter screws - stainless steel. 
Item 11770-008   
Used NIRO SOAVI homogenizer model NS2006H. Rated 80 l/h @ 1,000 bar / 14,500 psi. Stainless steel contacts. 
Item: 11696-003